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Abenaqui Carriers (a trade name owned by P.S. Marston Associates) a second generation family owned and operated business since 1973, is a diversified hazardous material carrier specializing in transporting gasoline, jet fuel, aviation gasoline, propane, heating oil, bio fuels, ethanol and Natural Gas.

With a fleet of over 50 tractors and 65 trailers, Abenaqui Carriers services all of New England, New York and the Eastern Canadian territories. (map) Abenaqui has terminals from Albany, NY to Bangor, ME; from Providence, RI to Burlington, VT.  The main headquarters is centrally located in North Hampton, NH.

Pictured at the right: Curtis Marston, Paul S. Marston (retired) and Paul J Marston CEO.


We make our customers better with technology that matters to their bottom line, an uncompromising commitment to safety and by hiring the best people.

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We Deliver, People Prosper.

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