We Deliver, People Prosper.

Our Core Values are who we are as a group of people working together.

  • We Care About People First- • We treat our teammates as professionals, and the people we do business with are our true partners. Whether it’s being the industry leader in E-log adoption; being flexible with personal needs; or ensuring we meet the promises we make to our partners, the people we do our business with and around matter to us.
  • We are Team Players – We are Teammates. Making one delivery in our business may involve 8 or more individuals who all have to have perfect execution for us to be successful. One slip up, and the team fails. The remarkable thing is we execute this teamwork successfully thousands of times each day. We never blame each other, rather we take responsibility. We have each other’s back and we work together to make each other better.
  • We are Problem Solvers – We see our customers as our partners, and our team doesn’t deal in problems, we bring solutions. At Abenaqui Carriers there is no undone business. We follow through and finish the job! In its simplest form, our business is solving our partner’s needs to move their commodity from origin to destination, as efficiently as possible, and often under demanding circumstances.
  • We are Committed to a Higher Purpose– We know that what we do and how we do it, matters not only to the energy supply chain, but to the families of our loved ones; our vendors, our partners and the community at large that we operate within. The fruits of our labors honor God (John 6:27-29), by intention, not by coincidence. “Do to others as you would have them do to you.” Luke 6:31

When we as a company embody these values,  we are at our best. We encourage these values in every way we can: when we hire new people into our organization, when we promote people to new functions, when we regularly review people’s performance within the organization, and hopefully seldom, when we part ways. It is vitally important to us that we nurture these values day in and out, in everything we do.

Our mission is to make our customers better by using cutting edge technology, having an uncompromising commitment to safety and by hiring the best people.

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